About Us

The successful journey of Sajjad Restaurant began around two decades ago, when the Dayo family opened their restaurant at Ranipur highway.

That tiny restaurant laid the foundation of the grand restaurant it has now transformed into. 

The rural legacy was further stretched into Karachi at super highway, from Ranipur in the year 2002.

Sajjad Restaurant has been established as a trade mark of comfortable dining place for families. Quality traditional food, 

aesthetically created environment and uncompromising services kept winning the hearts of the people regardless of demographics.

The wide variety of mouth watering food includes Dhaka Chicken, BBQ and Sajji along with other tantalizing dishes.

Another outlet opened in the year 2009 in phase VIII and gained instant popularity due to its exotic view of the beach.

Sajjad Restaurant caters more than 25,000 customers a month, establishing itself as a reputable restaurant.

Despite its competitors, the wide range of food that includes South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines serves as a distinguish factor. 

The Furthermore, the traditional dishes also attract many tourists who truly value the flavors of our land.