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About Us.


The sincere efforts of our visionary founders made Sajjad Restaurant a modern symbol of hygiene & quality, and within months their aspirations yielded fruitful results. Today, sajjad Restaurant is credited as one of the pioneers in true dining.


Sajjad Restaurant is the new standard for exquisite quality and taste, serving unique varieties of cuisines to cater to every flavor, and every tongue, in its own unique style.


Sajjad Restaurant maintains quality with our highly effective management systems that enables us to work on the highest level of specifications and standards. We pay extra attention to detail, which helps us maintain our international standards of food safety, atmosphere and overall quality.

We also recognize how important a diverse palate can be for the audience, and create each recipe keeping this fact in mind. We satisfy our customers with exquisite taste, value for money and a dedication to higher standards that earns a great amount of trust from our customers. Your faith in the Sajjad Restaurant name keeps us going, and we will keep making maximum efforts to meet all your expectations.